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And SHE is just MAGNIFIC!

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Now if you thought that "Mon Cheri" looked good... compare her with this stunning beauty. Could they be sisters? Do they look alike? Well "Hello.... DOLLY". Sitting on a bench, her skirt fans out in an eye catching sun-colored, pretty yellow alternated in white with several fully bloomed pink roses encircling it. Her shoes are pretty in pink to match the top of her blouse. The upper portion of her skirt is wonderfully decorated with an assortment of flowers. Two pink roses crest the top of her blouse in the front.

She stands/sits a good 7 3/4"H x 7 3/4"W x 6 3/4" in depth. With a pink ribbon in her hair and a rose in her hand she sits perfectly as a real graceful lady would. Her shapely legs crossed, clear blue eyes and reddish-pink lips, she surely is a sight for sore eyes. And as with all my other Dresdens....she has no broken fingers, no broken extremities, no broken laces. So what's the difference between her and "Mon Cheri"? She's fully laced

She bears the "Germany" dresden mark that has a five point crown which is designated as the marktwo.jpg.

Last Updated: 1JAN02