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Hanna on the Harp

Music fills the air with her songs

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HANNA is absolutely adorable! Her skirt as you can see here is alternated in white and purple with her sleeves being pink in color along with the top of her blouse. Several pink roses decorate the top of her skirt and top of the blouse. A pink rose is displayed on the side of her head. As you'll notice the laces on the top of her blouse is finely crafted and closer together compared to most others.

She stands 6 1/2"H x 6 1/2"W x 5 1/2" in depth. The harp is finely crafted and touched off very well with a couple of pink roses in the front. The back of her chair is pink to match her shoes. With her head tilted to the side, as if in full concentration, and her fingers ready to play, she made a very nice addition to our collection. I guess you can figure out by now that we like the Dresdens that have a musical instrument with it.

She bears the "Germany" dresden mark that has a five point crown which is designated as the marktwo.jpg.

Last Updated: 1JAN02