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Mirror, Mirror on top the floor....who is the best Dresden of them ALL? And what a couple they are. Guenavere and George are shown here getting ready for the palace ball. They stand 7 3/4"H x 6 3/4"W x 5 1/4". Her lace is very well displayed as it is overlapped from the back. Shown here in an alternating color of light green and white, it is touched with a few pink roses. The flower pattern on the front of her dress is very detailed and is of the same color as the top of her dress and shoes. As her adorable face looks up while she applies her makeup, she listens to the sweet words whispered by her companion.

And George... a name fit for a king. With black shoes, black pants and a black bow on the back of his head, he stands tall and proud as he looks over her shoulder into the mirror enthranced by her beauty. You'll notice that his embroidered taffeta( okay... anyone care to tell me if that is spelled correctly?) is of a darker shade than his scarf. His cuffs are of the same color as the edge of his jacket. His cobalt blue jacket is very striking as you look at the piece from the rear. This is one of our favorites that is very nice to display inside a curio.

She bears the "Original Germany" dresden mark that has a seven point crown which is designated as the markone.jpg.

Last Updated: 1JAN02