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Romance is in the air as these two play the language of love. His shoes are dark in color to match his trousers. His leggings are white which matches his ruffles perfectly, egded with a gold colored cuffs similar to the edge of his open jacket. With the jacket being cobalt blue in color. His vest being a lighter gold in color with a plain leaf design.

Her skirt is an alternating light blue and white in color. Her shoes matches the top of her upper garment and the bonnet on her head. A few light pink, opened rose buds on her skirt. For those of you that are observant...compare it beside "LOVESTORY" and you'll see that they're almost twins in a sense and that the only difference is their posture. And for those of you that have "Eagle's Eyes"....can you by chance guess at the words written on the music sheet that she is playing?

Piano's design is typical of the era. This masterpiece stands 8 1/4"H x 9"W x 6 1/4" in depth. With his relaxed stance against the piano and her fingers ready to play and eyes glowing with passion, there's no doubt that these two will serenade noone but each other tonight, with the oldest tune in the world.....LOVE

She bears the "Original Germany" dresden mark that has a seven point crown which is designated as the markone.jpg.

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