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Happy Valentine's Day

Give your Heart to someone you love

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Let's not forget the day of love. And what better way to show her than this little cutie pie. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Her skirt is alternated in pink and white. Her shoes are dark brown. The top of her blouse is pink while her socks are purple in color. A few pink roses decorate her skirt including one just behind the heart she is holding.

She stands 5"H x 4"W x 3 1/2" in depth. With her brown hair, innocent child-like face and a lovely heart shaped sign saying "ST. Valentine's Day", how can you not help but fall in love with her? And again... if you've got a good name to give her...let me know.

She bears the "Original Germany" dresden mark that has a seven point crown which is designated as the markone.jpg.

Last Updated: 1JAN02