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In a world where hand craftmanship is quickly disappearing, Hummel figurines are still crafted by hand with the same painstaking care as when they were introduced to the world by W. Goebel in 1935. Every Hummel is a numbered work of art. A constant reminder of the joy and innocence of early childhood. The inspiration for all Hummel is the collection of sketches and drawings of young children by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. Hummel figurines and collectables are manufactured solely by the W. Goebel firm in Rodental, Germany, an area of Bavaria with over 2-century old tradition of producing fine ceramic and porcelain. All Hummel are meticulously handcrafted from earthenware, then handpainted and glazed by skilled Goebel artisans. To create a Hummel figurine may involve more than 700 hand operations.

Believe it or not...there's quite a alot of people who are Hummel collectors. There's just something about these fantastic figurines that makes them adorable to collect. We only have a few, but they're all highly collectible. If or when you do decide to start your own Hummel collection keep these few pointers in mind:

  • Keep the boxes and certificates(they're just as valuable as the figurine).
  • Triple check your Hummel under "BlackLight" if possible.
  • Keep them as "Dust Free" as possible.
  • Don't let the kids use them to play catch with the dog. (Just Kidding)
  • Get the pieces that are limited/special editions or one of a kinds.
  • Don't even bother "buying" a Hummel that is broken, chipped or restored.
  • If you buy from an auction...make sure you feel comfortable with the seller.
  • If you can get them signed by one of the Goebel Master painters...that's great.
  • If you can get them signed by the "Sculptor" that's even better.

For you experienced M.I. Hummel collectors the next few paragraphs will be repetitive so go ahead and Skip on down to the juicy part Unlike the Dresdens in the Picture Gallery, I have listed the M.I. Hummels here as links. But I am sure that if you look at each one, you will not be dissappointed.

Please Note: We are in no way affiliated with M.I. Hummels and we are working strictly as independents. All pictures on this website are from our very own collections.

Last Updated: 7DEC03