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Start with an open mind!

Quality Starts Here!


Welcome one and all to absolutely the best collections of Dresdens and Dresden figurines that you will ever see. 1st of all... please go to the bottom for the link to the Balikbayan Boxes or just click here to go straight to the Balikbayan Boxes or from our other website at: Pinoy Balikbayan Boxes Website.

Numerous searches for Dresdens and Meissen have led me to nowhere. Hence...we've decided to set up this site to bring together as many Dresden collectors out there as possible and maybe turn this into a Dresden or collector's community.

We have just started collecting and have a small number to show you, but we're pretty certain that you'll agree that they are quite beautiful. They range from a lone Victorian figurine to a threesome playing an assortment of instruments that would bring life to any party.

Among this great work of art you will also find M.I. Hummels, Capodimonte, crystals, fine porcelains, DDR plates and other collectibles. The variety of collections here will hopefully influence you into making an investment in quality.

An investment in these fine collectibles is an investment worth making because its all about quality. Ask yourself this question, "Should I invest in quality that reflects my taste and which I can pass down to my family?" The collections here will simply overwhelm your senses and a real treasure to pass down to in your family, it's a true work of art that only the best can appreciate.

Sit back, relax and enjoy as you browse through our site. So don't change that browser, you are not in control. We will overwhelm your sight and senses with the quality of Dresdens that you've never experienced before. Welcome to the


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