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Enjoy the Day

Other Collections

And for you other collectors out there who fancy dolls or porcelain flowers or maybe very old antiques...here's a few that we have. Princess Diana doll dressed in faulk pearls dress is very nice. Or if you will look at the first pictures they are a set of plates that my lovely wife acquired from the old Deutsche Democratic Republic(DDR) and as most know....they are no more and makes them more valuable to collect.

Also shown here are my better half's porcelain flowers that she acquired from Nove in Italy. They are really very nice and quite striking when its displayed in the living room. They draw one's attention like no other simply because they are so colorful. When you pack these...use special wrapping paper because the flowers are delicate. But don't let that scare you in to collecting them... they are just marvelous!

And as you'll see we have other plates with some very nice markings on them. For example the German Democratic Republic(GDR) is very collectible indeed.

Well... we do have quite a lot more but it takes some time get the site up...Later on we hope to show the very nice Crystal Chandelier that we got from Poland and Czechoslovakia. The two three that we have are over five foot in length.

Well...We hope that y'all are enjoying your time browsing so far. Feel free email us anytime. I have made the pictures here as large as possible to let you get a full view. If you think that it's way too large please let me know. Or if you even have problems trying to bring it up.

But don't wait for the pictures to come up. Go ahead to the link at the bottom of the screen and click whichever interest you. It is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Deutsche Democratic Republic(DDR)
Princess Diana
Porcelain Flowers from Nove, Italy
German Democratic Republic(GDR) Reichenbach

Last Updated: 1JAN02