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Love is a Hunger that burns deep inside

Viewer Discretion is Advised!!! Once viewed it can be very addicting. Pictures can say more than words. Depending on your connection it could take a while to load. But once you see the pictures you will not be disappointed.

Feel free to stay here the whole day browsing from one picture to another. This is your time to relax!!!
If you have your 3-D glasses on forget it. I'm not MTV, but I have enough pictures for you to view. And as you will notice...I've made the initial viewing as a thumbnail so that you can browse more decisively to the figure you like.

I certainly welcome any comments on how I can better present the items here or if there's something I need to let me know.

Only thumbnails of the Dresdens are shown. But you can still view the pictures of our other collections of M.I. Hummels, Capodimonte and other fine collectibles. Just follow the links at the bottom. And it will lead you to

"Tabor's Loveable Collections delivered MY Way"

The Three Musketeers Three's Company Alexandra the Great
Lady with a Basket Southern Belle Cassandra
My Bonnie Charming Cassandra Christine on the Cello
The Chess Masters Little Ben First Class Coach
Courtship, me Lady Dance with ME Hello Dolly
Dresdens Galore Lady with a Fan Fiddle Dee Dee, Lady on the Fiddle
Grand Finale Sissy the Austrian Princess Lady on the Guitar
Lady on the Harp Patiently Waiting Laura the Pianist
Lovestory Marvelous Madeline Mirror,Mirror
Mother's Day Magnificent Mona with sister's dog Natalie
Natasha Valentine's Day Paula The Piped Piper
Serenade Symphony Tea Time
Dresden Mark One Dresden Mark Two

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The word of the day is "Diversity". It's like having only one type of underwear. Fruit of the Looms is nice and all, but remember, there are others to choose from. So if you're inclined to see "The other side of the world"... then by all means. I think that you'll enjoy it.

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel...better known as M.I. Hummels
Capodimonte from Italy
The World of Lladro
East meets West and then some...
More information about Dresdens and Meissen
Identifying Genuine M.I. Hummels

There's quite a bit more...however building a website takes some time and alot of effort. But whenever I get the free time, I'll add some more on here. Hope you all enjoyed it. And by all means...Have a Nice Day!

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A picture is worth a thousand words.